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Christmas Traditions of the Southern Hemisphere

Christmas Around the World – Part 1: Christmas Traditions of the Southern Hemisphere When North Americans and Europeans think of Christmas, we think of white snow, warm dinners, and festive evergreens.  But in the southern hemisphere, in countries like South Africa and Australia, these seasonal associations hardly make sense.  When Christmastime comes to the Congo […]

Ornament Debuts an NHL Officially Licensed Chicago Blackhawks Ornament

Almost fifty years after their last championship win, the Chicago Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup this past June.  Perhaps more so than in any other sport, the Stanley Cup is a championship series full of superstitions and traditions.  (Leading up to the final game, the Hawks grew their beards out and refused to lay […]

What to Give a Grad – Presenting Personalized Graduation Ornaments

Traditional graduation gifts have always been practical – at least we think of them as practical.  Some grads receive pens, those bound for the corporate world might receive a PDA or a new phone, and of course, the most “practical” (but also most impersonal) gift on every grad’s list is money.  If we really think […]