Monthly Archives: August 2010

Christmas Around the World Part 2 – The American Southwest

If you live in a part of the country where a white Christmas is a given part of the holiday “décor,” it may be hard to imagine a Christmas season where temperatures may still be downright balmy, and cacti instead of evergreens dot the winter landscape.  Fortunately for those who make their homes in the […]

Wedding Ornaments Give Gifts a Personal Touch

Buying a wedding gift can be frustrating for those of us who like gift-giving to be personal.  We go to the store where the bride is registered, purchase exactly what’s on the list, and have it gift wrapped at the store so it looks nice when the couple sees it.  The bride and groom will […]

Ornaments for Le Tour de France

The Tour de France often brings to mind a certain famous rider and all of the celebrity news surrounding the event.  The Tour, however, has been around for over a century, and had intense fan followings long before the media created the modern image of the race. The first Tour de France was in 1903, […]