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LED Christmas Lights – One of the Greatest Holiday Inventions

History of Christmas Tree Lights It is no surprise that the famous inventor, Thomas Edison, hung strings of electric lights in 1880, the year after he invented the incandescent light bulb.  Edward H. Johnson, a friend of Thomas Edison, was the first person known to use electric Christmas lights in a home.  These lights did […]

Make Your Gorgeous Christmas Table

A Gorgeous Christmas Table Mother always said presentation was just as important as the food, and having a great looking table puts everyone in a festive mood.  An easy method is to start with a solid color tablecloth, then place a lace tablecloth or 2 lace runners on top of the solid tablecloth so the […]

Amazing Christmas Tree Trivia

Many of us love trivia (and Christmas).  It just seems to make everything a little more interesting.  Here are some fascinating Christmas Tree Trivia: The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510. Christmas trees have been sold commercially in the United States since about 1850. In 2002, Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, […]

Growing Holly & Ivy for Christmas Decorating

Holly and ivy have been used by Christians for Christmas decorations for centuries.  They look lovely in a centerpiece or a hurricane vase.  It is fairly easy to grow both of these to use for decorations, but they each have different requirements. Holly The holly plant is a dramatic expression of the traditional Christmas colors, […]

Traditional, Unusual & Naughty Christmas Ties

Since most men don’t have to wear ties to work anymore and suits are mainly used for weddings and funerals, there probably hasn’t been too much buzz on Christmas ties the last few years.  However, if you like to be festive at Christmas, adding a Christmas tie is an inexpensive way to express yourself.  And […]