Monthly Archives: August 2011

Spoiling Your Dog at Christmas

Next to a spouse and children, dogs are a much beloved part of many families and are increasingly treated to gifts at Christmas. Any why not?  Spoiling your Dog is fun!   Dogs love you unconditionally, are tons of fun, and are great companions. We get pleasure from rewarding them for all they do for […]

Ideas to Keep Kids from Driving You Crazy at Christmastime

One way to keep kids from driving you crazy at this time of year is to get them involved in Christmas decorating or other holiday projects.  Make decorating the Christmas tree a family project and have the kids make homemade ornaments and gifts. There are kits at craft stores you can buy, or you can […]

Christmas Trivia

Trivia games are very popular, so we thought we’d see how well you know these Christmas facts.  We bet there are a few you can’t answer! 1) Where was mommy kissing Santa Claus? 2) What is Frosty the Snowman’s nose made out of? 3) What is the name of Rudolph’s dad? 4) What did Ralphie […]

Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Our article discussing inexpensive homemade Christmas gifts had some ideas we wanted to share with you.   You might laugh at the old coupon book, but they are actually valued!  Perhaps you would like one from the kids that include taking out the garbage, bringing their dirty clothes down and emptying the dishwasher, but done […]

Gift Wrapping Tips for the Uncoordinated

It may seem impossible to wrap a gift as neat as the department stores do, but with a few tips from one of our articles, you can be a pro before you know it! Cut the wrapping paper a couple of inches larger than the gift.  The easiest way to cut straight lines is to […]