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DIY Christmas Table Decorations Part 2 – Platters, Baskets & Vases

Check out these beautiful Christmas Table Decorations! In Part 1, I provided ideas on creating your own Christmas table decorations for the holiday using bowls and wreaths.  Part 2 will cover using servicing platters, baskets and vases to create an elegant look for your Christmas table. Serving Platters as Christmas Table Decorations        Serving […]

DIY Christmas Table Decorations Part 1-Wreaths & Bowls

Check out these beautiful Christmas Table Decorations! Christmas is almost here and hopefully your presents are bought and wrapped and your menu planned.  Now your attention will be on creating Christmas table decorations for your Christmas dinner.  I have found so many beautiful and creative ways to turn your Christmas table into something spectacular that […]

How to Decorate Your Mantle Beautifully for Christmas

The fireplace and its mantle is often one of the highlights of living or family rooms. For Christmas season there are many ways to decorate your mantle so that it enhances the room and looks beautiful.  I have listed ways to decorate your mantle and have it be unique and easily changed from year to […]

Christmas Decorations, Part 3 – Bathroom, Kitchen & Dining Room

          In the past two blog posts, I have given you ideas for extreme Christmas decorations.  To me this means that every wall, floor, ceiling, stair railing, table, couch, chair, and door is fair game for decorating.  Did I miss anything?  I actually only decorate the rooms guests will see or […]

Christmas Decorations, Part 2 – Family & Living Room Table & Walls

            In our prior blog post we discussed Christmas decorations to make your entrance enchanting and your foyer festive.  This part will provide you with easy, inexpensive ideas to decorate your tables and walls to the extreme. Christmas Decorations for Family & Living Room On the walls in the foyer, […]