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Christmas in Chile: Known For Nativity Scenes

The materials are as varied as the people who create them: some are made of straw and dirt. Sturdier ones are constructed of cardboard and wood. The truly grand ones are made of porcelain. In the weeks leading up to Christmas in Chile, people devote a great deal of time to crafting pesebres, or Nativity […]

Christmas in Brazil: A Magnificent Celebration of Light

As revels in its global look at Christmas traditions around the globe, we freely admit: it can be difficult to point to any one country and give it exclusive credit for inspiring any single tradition. At Christmastime, after all, the world becomes a melting pot of converging traditions, all somewhat familiar in their own […]

Christmas in Bethlehem

Christmas in Bethlehem – The birthplace of Jesus Christ Given the conflict that takes place there today, it’s difficult to imagine that Bethlehem was once a calm and welcoming haven for a desperate couple seeking refuge for a woman in labor. No series on the traditions of Christmas would be complete without a look at […]