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Christmas in England

The next time you want to stump your friends with “tweet” or a Facebook challenge, consider this question: Which country is credited with the tradition of sending Christmas cards? Before you say “America,” here’s a hint: It’s actually another country whose flag also is colored red, white and blue. Yes, our good friends “across the […]

Personalized Valentine Decorations Make Original Gifts

Looking for a unique gesture to give your Valentine on February 14th? has personalized valentine decorations that last longer than a bouquet of roses and have fewer calories than a box of chocolate!  Your Valentine will love the sentimental expression of your personal message on our Valentine Wall Hanging that is a heart made […]

Christmas in Colombia: Illuminated by Candles’s tour of Christmas traditions has barely begun and already it’s clear: most countries blend serious, religious activities with those that are just all-out fun. Case in point? Colombia, whose people are considered the most devout Catholics in South America. They are especially mindful that the candles that light up the country’s streets are not […]