Monthly Archives: August 2013

Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Tags

Are you hosting a Christmas party where you simply want some unique, do it yourself Christmas gift tags?  We have a really fun way to dress up your Christmas wrapping and make it easy to tell who’s gift is who’s under the tree. Personalized ornaments from make excellent Christmas gift tags! Any ornament can […] Takes You Back To School!

It’s that time of year again when the lazy days of summer come to a screeching halt and the frenzy to get your back to school supplies kicks into gear. The best way to keep your cool is to make a checklist and be organized about how you go about the myriad of tasks that […]

Custom Ornaments Make Perfect Corporate Gifts

Holiday shopping for an employee gift can be tricky.  It has to be for either a man or woman and yet still be meaningful and personal. understands the challenges that businesses and organizations face every year, so we have made our custom ornaments the perfect corporate gift! Personalized custom ornaments are great for: Alumni […]

Christmas in Germany Reverberates Around the World

If America truly is the melting pot of the world, then the pot reaches a boil around Christmastime, for this is the time of year that Christmas traditions from around the world converge, overlap and become so unified that it is sometimes difficult to tell where they truly began. As continues its journey around […]