Monthly Archives: September 2013

Christmas in Ireland: Saints, Scholars and Leprechauns

People around the world love to celebrate their “inner Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day, but the people of the Republic of Ireland do not celebrate every holiday with the fervor of a heel-kicking leprechaun. One surprise of’s global tour of Christmas traditions around the world is Christmas in Ireland.  The Irish have a quiet […]

Seven Wonders of the World

Can you list the seven wonders of the world? This used to be an easy textbook answer that you learned in school, but the issue has become more complicated, since only one of the seven is still in existence! 7 Wonders of the Ancient World The original seven wonders of the world are now classified […]

Christmas in Greece: Where Symbolism, Tradition and Even Superstition Converge

Is it an exotic land filled with exotic Mediterranean people or an earthy domain filled with down-to-earth fishermen? Is it a country whose people believe in goblin-like spirits hopping through the countryside or who kneel regularly in an Orthodox church? The answer is “yes,” for the land of Greece is rife with wonderful contradictions and […]

Banquet Gifts For High School Sports Teams

Commemorating the end of the sports season with a team banquet has become a tradition for high school sports. Coming up with just the right banquet gifts can be a daunting task for the booster club and team moms who want memorable tokens that go beyond earning varsity letters and graduating year numbers. Personalized ornaments […]