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Christmas in Norway: An Intriguing Trifecta of Angels, Trolls and Gnomes


In the early days, Christmas in Norway was hardly more than a festival that marked the transition from winter to spring. But there was good reason to celebrate: the northern portion of the country, called “the land of the midnight sun,” had been shrouded  in complete darkness. So when the mugs of juleol (beer) clinked […]

Christmas in the Netherlands: Where the Beloved Figure of Sinterklaas Looms Large

Christmas in the Netherlands

Mention the Dutch and you probably think of windmills, tulips and the classic “clog” shoes that once were a fashion phenomena in the United States. But during Christmas in the Netherlands, a man named Sinterklaas takes center stage. Wearing the clothes of a bishop and riding a horse throughout a parade, this “king” among men […]

Christmas in Mexico: Colorful as a Poinsettia, Zesty as Mole Poblano


If you’ve ever been a kid and you’ve been to a birthday party, chances are that you’ve also taken a swing at a piñata.  But during Christmas in Mexico, you don’t have to be a kid, and it doesn’t have to be a kid’s birthday to watch with anticipation as candy comes tumbling out of […]

Christmas in Italy: One of the Holiest of Places


If’s tour of Christmas traditions around the world had a “must-see” port of call, then it almost certainly would be Italy.  Wonderful Christmas in Italy! After all, this is the home of the Vatican – the very pulse, if not the heart and soul, of the Roman Catholic Church. Thousands of Italians and people […]

Fun Facts About Halloween Ornaments, Costumes & More


When our marketing department recommended we do a Halloween infographic my first response was: Why Not?  Well, they went ahead and prepared one and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome…it’s chuck full of fun facts about Halloween ornaments, costumes, décor and candy. Did you know that the average person will spend $75.00 this year […]