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Christmas in Spain: Spectacular Customs and Deep Meaning in the Details


As you might expect, Christmas in Spain is a spiritual celebration. After all, the country is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic and its patron saint is the Virgin Mary. What you might not expect is that Christmas in Spain is marked by other traditions that its people can claim as completely their own. Take, for example, the […]

Christmas in Poland: History, Family, Food and Generosity

Christmas in Poland: The Royal Castle in Warsaw

Give the French credit for bringing the word “gourmet” into the mainstream. And never forget that the Italians have made pasta and marinara sauce as common on American menus as Mexicans have made tacos and burritos. But don’t let the people in these countries lull you into thinking that they—and they alone—corner the market on […]

Christmas: Perfect Time to Think About Fire Safety


The holiday season is such a whirlwind of parties, shopping, gift wrapping and decorating that it is easy to overlook fire safety. Fire safety is important! According to the National Fire Protection Association, there is an average of 230 home fires that start with Christmas trees every year that could have been prevented. These 230 […]

The Mystery Of The Man Cave, Solved


Not sure what all the hype and mystery surrounding a man cave is all about?  Here, the concept of the man cave is explored, along with man cave ideas and the top ten signs you need to look for when determining whether or not your guy needs a man cave! What Is A Man Cave? […]