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The Mystery Of The Man Cave, Solved


Not sure what all the hype and mystery surrounding a man cave is all about?  Here, the concept of the man cave is explored, along with man cave ideas and the top ten signs you need to look for when determining whether or not your guy needs a man cave! What Is A Man Cave? [...]

Ornaments As Gift Toppers Make Unique Presents

Looking for gift toppers and ideas to make your wrapped presents unique? A large bow ornately adorning a present is so cliché. Why not spruce up your next package with a personalized ornament that will put all other gifts on the table or under the tree to shame? Think out-of-the-box! Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas [...]

Christmas Shopping for Handmade Gifts at Craft Fairs

Now that Halloween has passed, it is officially Christmas season, at least for buying gifts.  Many of us prefer to get our shopping over early because we become busier as the holiday approaches.  I would like to share with you what type of homemade gifts you can find at your local craft fair and hopefully [...]

Luxury Christmas Gifts 2011

I always chuckle when hearing about the high-end gifts that retailers offer each year at Christmastime, so I thought I would share what this holiday season brings. All products are from Neiman Marcus’ famous Christmas catalog, where luxury has no bounds.For the flower enthusiast and traveler, JetWay airlines will fly you and 9 guests on [...]

Ideas for Work Christmas Parties

Although many companies have cut back on holiday parties, some companies use the party as a way to thank their employees for their hard work in the past year.  We’d like to give you some tips on planning  your company Christmas party this year. Location Consider the venue.  If you want people to have a [...]