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Towns With Christmas Related Names

Who knew there are so many towns in the U.S. that have Christmas season names?  We found five towns named Christmas, one named Christmas City, Christmas Cove, Christmas Valley, and Christmasville.  There is a town called Elf, another called Humbug, six named Bethlehem, seven named Snow, and three called Snowflake.  How about Christmas plants? There […]

Last Chance for “Arthur Christmas” Face of the Fan Contest!

Last call to enter your 60-second (or less) video of yourself answering the question:  Why are you the biggest fan of Christmas?  DEADLINE:  NOON PT, AUGUST 25, 2011. The Face of the Fan contest is a Sony Entertainment program that lets fans participate in online casting calls and contests. Eight finalists, who will receive $300 Sony […]

Christmas Trivia

Trivia games are very popular, so we thought we’d see how well you know these Christmas facts.  We bet there are a few you can’t answer! 1) Where was mommy kissing Santa Claus? 2) What is Frosty the Snowman’s nose made out of? 3) What is the name of Rudolph’s dad? 4) What did Ralphie […]

Celebrated Christmas Display Showman, Jennings Osborne, Died 7/27/11

Jennings Osborne , known for his extravagant Christmas light displays, passed away July 27, 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas at age 67. A wealthy Arkansas philanthropist, who made his money from starting and selling a medical research facility, Jennings Osborne transformed his home into a 3.2 million-light festival every December. His Christmas decorations and lights […]’s 12 Weeks of Christmas Facebook Contests

Starting next month will be giving away an ornament a week on our Facebook page!  Inspired by the twelve days of Christmas, the 12 weeks of Christmas will count down the advent from the partridge to the leaping lords, to the drummers drumming. The contests will solicit stories and ideas from our Facebook friends […]