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Use Our Must-Have College Checklist To Confidently Send Kids To School


A College Checklist is just the thing you need to start the school year off on the right foot! Adjusting to dorm life can be challenging for an incoming freshman, so make sure you send him or her off to school with little pieces of home such as family pictures, favorite smelling laundry detergent, preferred [...]

Litter of Puppies Graduate To Honorable Lives As Service Dogs


How do Service Dogs go from puppyhood to cape-wearing, super heroes? They go through intense training and only a select number of the puppies get to graduate to an honorable life of servitude. People with disabilities rely upon their service dogs to be able to lead independent lives, making these special canines heroes in disguise. [...]

A My Favorite Things Party And Good Friends Is An Unforgettable Soiree


August 1st is National Girlfriends Day and what better way to celebrate lasting friendship than to throw a my favorite things party with your best girlfriends?   It is easy to throw a My Favorite Things Party! All you have to do is get your girlfriends together and have each one buy her favorite item [...]

Is A Holiday All About Bacon Too Good To Be True?


Wondering what National Flitch Day is and what you can do to celebrate it? You’ll be pleased to discover that this is not your typical Hallmark holiday. In fact, you won’t need to purchase a card, get a gift or come up with something clever. All you have to do is eat bacon! Yes, that’s [...]

From The Bouffant to The Rachel – Hairstyles That Defined A Generation


Nothing defines a decade more than its iconic hairstyles. Beautician’s Day is on June 26th, so take a trip down memory lane with these stylish coifs that were all the rage during a certain period of time. Let’s hope some of these never make a comeback! Iconic Hairstyles Identify The Decades The roaring 20s was [...]