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What You Didn’t Know About The Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is widely recognized as the iconic symbol of Paris, France, but did you know it was only intended to stay up for 20 years? Now, over 125 years later, this beautiful landmark is not only a symbol of the liberty, fraternity and freedom that the French people have fought hard to preserve, […]

Innocent Hummels Children Figurines Are A Beloved Tradition


February 10th is Umbrella Day and it reminded me of my favorite Hummels, the Umbrella Girl and Umbrella Boy. I was thrilled to discover that I could get traditional Hummels ornaments directly from Germany! I love the innocence of the children in these figurines and the rich heritage of their humble beginnings. M. I. Hummels […]

Female Soldiers in the Civil War


In our last installment on Women’s Accomplishments, we celebrate female soldiers in the civil war.  Interestingly,women accounted for some of the bravest soldiers in the Civil War! Despite a few men being the most mentioned soldiers in the war, there were plenty examples of female soldiers in the civil war, women who showed courage in […]

Marie Curie Biography – Women in Medicine


Our 3rd installment in “Women’s Accomplishment’s” series of blog articles, we feature Marie Curie!  She came into the world on November 7th in the year of 1867 as “Marie Sklodowska” in Warsaw, which is located in Poland. Marie’s parents were both educators at the time of her birth. The youngest of the five children birthed […]

Women in Space – Sally Ride Biography


In our second installment featuring “Women’s Accomplishments”, we highlight Sally Ride.  She has the distinction of being the first American woman ever to travel to space. Sally Ride led a distinguished life as an astrophysicist and astronaut and she was part of NASA from 1978 to 1987. Sadly, she passed away back on July 23, […]