Would You Know If You Were Abducted by Aliens?


Do you think you’ve been abducted by aliens?  Aliens have intrigued scientists who constantly search for signs of their existence through interstellar and intergalactic space travel. They believe that the probability of intelligent life on other planets somewhere in a cosmic galaxy is certain. Thursday, March 20th is Extraterrestrial Abductions Day and celebrates the mysteries [...]

Top 10 Alfred Hitchcock Movies To Watch on National Alfred Hitchcock Day


With the pomp and circumstance of the Academy Award Oscars behind us, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and salute the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, on National Alfred Hitchcock Day celebrated on March 12th. It’s shocking and seems a sin that he never won an actual Oscar, yet Alfred Hitchcock Movies earned [...]

Once Upon A Time Meets Happily Ever After on Tell A Fairy Tale Day

once upon a time - cinderella

Gather around the fireplace and cozy up as you spin your very own Once Upon A Time yarn on “Tell A Fairy Tale Day” this February 26th. The reason fairy tales have existed for thousands of years is the all ages entertainment value of folkloric characters in stories that are grounded in historical truth. With [...]

Favorite Things To Do On A Record Cold Snow Day


Remember when you were young and couldn’t wait to have a Snow Day off from school? The thrill of having the entire day to build forts, have snowball fights and go sledding. With record cold temperatures hovering in negative degrees and the wind chill factor being dangerously low, a Snow Day this year means staying [...]

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia Make History

Winter Olympics - Rings

The 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia beginning on February 7th are already making headlines!   As I cheer for the United States Olympic Athletes in their pursuit of gold, silver and bronze medals, I thought I would share some interesting news about the Winter Olympics being held this year. Olympic Torch Experiences a [...]