Custom Designed Memory Globes

Watch 3D design or logo come alive in an memory globe ornament!
(Due to production time, order must be placed by August 31st)

Custom Glass Ornaments

Memory Globes showcase custom-molded figures of your artwork, elegantly presented under glass or hung on a tree. In essence, they are uniquely designed, miniature pieces of art, that allow you to show off your logo/monument/historical place like nothing else can! Our customers consider them timeless treasures, preserved in a glass dome.

Watch Your Custom Glass Ornaments Come To Life!

Custom Glass Ornaments Step 1

First you will be presented with a virtual representation.
Upon approval, your custom ornament is molded in clay and you will see front, back and aerial views.

$450 art charge applies
Order is placed upon approval of the prototype

Custom Glass Ornaments Step 2

Next, your custom ornament is painted.
Your color scheme is set and detailing work is fine-tuned. Production begins upon approval of the finished prototype.

50% deposit required to start production
40-60 day production time after approval

Custom Glass Ornaments Step 3

Finally, your miniature artwork is encased in a blown glass dome.
The flat bottoms allow you to display them on a shelf or hanging on your tree.

Starting at $14.00 each
Minimum Quantity 500 pieaces

Glass Ornaments Gift Boxes Can Be Customized Too!

Your memory globe Glass Ornaments gift boxes can be a special color, have a logo on top or both!

Custom Glass Ornaments Box Option 1
Custom Glass Ornaments Box Option 2
Custom Glass Ornaments Box Option 3
Custom Glass Ornaments Box Option 4
Custom ornament Memory Globes truly represent the fine art of memory making and are like no other corporate gift or keepsake. The sky is the limit on your creativity!
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