Unique Christmas Ornaments

Our unique Christmas ornaments are from around the world, and we take pride in searching all year long to bring you the best personalized Christmas ornaments for all your gift giving and home decorating needs. Our online selection of unique Christmas ornaments is unrivaled, even for the most discerning ornament collectors.

Unique Christmas Ornaments

Personalize your unique Christmas ornament to make it even more special.

What makes a Christmas ornament unique? Not only will you find handmade, one-of-a-kind ornaments in our selection, but all of our ornaments can also be personalized with your own custom sayings. We can write names, dates, and brief messages on your favorite unique ornaments so that they'll represent your special memories as a keepsake on your family tree. You could also head over to our DIY blog for homemade unique ornaments to make yourself!

These ornaments are so special that they can also be used for holidays other than Christmas! Check out our Halloween ornaments for decorating a spooky tree in the fall. You might also like other themed ornaments, such as our fairy tale selection with princesses, mushrooms and pirates.

A unique ornament can also be one that's special to you or your loved ones unlike any other. Find birthstone ornaments that you can personalize with names, as well as college and university ornaments for your family's young adults. Both ornament types make wonderful gifts and present toppers all year round.

Unique Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, but each and every one can make the recipient's tree uniquely their own. Choose unique ornaments that reflect any lifestyle, no matter who you are or where you’re from. Our personalized Christmas ornaments are lasting keepsakes that make for personal, yet memorable gifts for years to come.

I use several ornament sites for my granddaughters Christmas ornament each year. This year I had to buy from 3 different sites to get the ones that I wanted. This site had many good ornaments but not all of the specific ones that I needed.Anonymous Respondent
I am committed to delivering our customers the greatest selection of unique, personalized Christmas ornaments and gifts on the internet! We have over 5000 Christmas ornaments to choose from, each personalized with a name or special greeting from you!
Sincerely, Dianne Weller — Owner, Ornamentshop.com
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