Personalized Wedding Christmas Ornaments For Engagement & Anniversary Occasions Too

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 Want a gift of love that will last a lifetime? I love giving personalized wedding Christmas ornaments because they make a sentimental statement that a happy couple will treasure through their years of marriage. I also carry a variety of engagement ornaments to celebrate a couple’s major beginning step, and anniversary ornaments to commemorate years spent together. My personalized wedding Christmas ornaments are made of different materials: clay, wood, glass, resin. Choose the perfect keepsake for your friends or family to remember their special day together.

Find the best personalized love ornaments as gifts for newlyweds in your life.

If you’re looking for a unique and custom wedding gift, ornaments are perfect to personalize with a lovely bride and groom’s new family name. Not only are wedding ornaments great for gifting on a wedding day, you may also be thrilled to celebrate an engagement with a date that can also rest on a Christmas tree as a unique special memory. Marriage proposals are always so exciting, and if the fiancé went out of his way to give an amazing proposal, consider gifting a keepsake for the fiancée to cherish the memory. Milestones such as anniversaries are so important to reflect on for the success of a relationship down the line, and that's why we carry very special Silver 25th or Golden 50th Christmas ornaments. Here at Ornament Shop, you’ll find a wide variety of ornaments to cherish these intimate occasions.

Many wedding guests choose their wedding gifts from a registry. The bride and groom will set up their own registries for items they will need once starting their lives together, whether it’s kitchenware or funds towards their honeymoon. What’s wonderful about personalized ornaments, is that they can serve as the “cherry on top” of your gift! When the husband and wife opens their gifts, they’ll already know most of the items they had chosen, but an ornament offers an element of surprise that can be attached to the top of your gift as a present topper. This will be the very first personalized item they see with their new shared family name, or both of their names together with the day’s date. A wedding Christmas ornament is perfect for spicing up a gift the couple may already know you’ve purchased.

Each year the family can reflect on these loving memories beside the Christmas tree to celebrate their wedding all over again. You might also be interested in new home ornaments to memorialize the couple moving in together, or maybe even new baby ornaments if there’s a little one on the way come time for the holidays! Purchase a gift that not only celebrates the wedding date, but also merges the lovely occasion with the holidays each year to be celebrated time and time again in family memory.

I love shopping Ornament Shop for a few reasons: 1) as a preschool director its kinda "my thing" to give my staff a personalized Christmas ornament that has every one of the staff on it, depicted in a cute, fun way (IE penguins, snowmen etc) (2) This company seems to be the only one that offers ornaments that depict "families of 9+" that offer non traditional "families"-- meaning we don't want an ornament that has "a mom and a dad" (and a gaggle of kids) figures represented on the ornament. --we are an all female staff and we are all equal so I look for ornaments that depict more of a "group" vibe rather than "family" vibe. But most other companies don't offer more than one or two "group" ornaments AND certainly don't offer many in the large 9+ format. (3) Free Shipping--saves me money because I always order at lease the required number to get it! (4) Coupons/Sales--great coupons. Sometimes up to 20% or more if you're a longtime member, and you order early! I usually do, so I usually get! (5) Quality and clarity--a few years back when we were a smaller staff, I used a different company ---and everyone (angel theme that year) everyone turned out orange--ORANGE!!! No disrespect but most of the "white" faces looked like oompa loompas and the 2 "colored" faces were black--like MIDNIGHT COULD NOT SEE THEIR PAINTED ON EYEBALLS black--seriously? and these went thru quality control? really inspector # 42? you thought those were acceptable? So hence, I am now forever only shopping here! I get beautiful coloring all over and you can see eyeballs --oh, and did I mention names? Yes I personalize. I check spellings and placement. I have my husband check spellings and placement. I have him read and spell names out-loud just to be sure all is perfect! Every time this company gets it right! Have never had an issue with personalization or placement of the names or year (even when I thought there is no way there would be space) they found a way to get it on there and have it look good! I have no idea what i will do if/when we become a staff of 11 or more? But for now I am thrilled with all my previous purchases. I have never had any issues with searching for what i want, placing orders and/or shipping/receiving. The ornaments come uber wrapped in environmentally safe paper and some sort of lightweight cardboard flexible wrapping and they are wrapped like 30 times (OK joking about the 30) but they are really well padded for transport! But there is nothing that I don't like about this company other than you don't get an estimate on arrival time during the ordering process--that comes later in the confirmation email. But since I order in October, i never need to really worry about "when" they arrive. I will say tho--that I often hear people complain that "they take too long" ---so I say to those people--Hey, hel-looo you are getting quality hand painted looking work! That takes some time to do--if you want 24 hour turn around time (aka crappy work) and delivered "next day" then you'll need to shop somewhere else--because all good things take time to do right! Kaleigh W.
I am committed to delivering our customers the greatest selection of unique, personalized Christmas ornaments and gifts on the internet! We have over 5000 Christmas ornaments to choose from, each personalized with a name or special greeting from you!
Sincerely, Dianne Weller — Owner,
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