Birthstone Christmas Ornaments

I am thrilled to bring you birthstone ornaments that cross all genders, ages and ethnicity, so they make a cherished keepsake for anyone! These gemstone colors represent January garnet, February amethyst, March aquamarine, April diamond, May emerald, June alexandrite, July ruby, August peridot, September sapphire, October opal, November yellow topaz and December turquoise. Personalize them for corporate gift giving, too. Each one of these bauble ornaments will be greatly appreciated as a personalized and thoughtful present this year.

Perfect gifts for birthdays and Christmas present toppers with custom names and dates.

Are you looking for an easy personalized gift? For many of us, Christmas is our favorite holiday, and I’ve found that for many others, birthdays are a spectacular event, too! This year, give a gift that represents your friend or family member’s special day as a Christmas present, and they will love hanging their birthday bauble year after year in holiday tradition. These personalized ornaments can be a match for all of your friends or family members, and are wonderful for giving to anyone important to you over the holidays.

Each birthstone ornament can be personalized with the name of your loved one on the front and their exact birth date on the back. When gifting a glass birthstone ornament, consider taping it to the top of another present as a present topper and both will look adorable together. Whether you’re offering a gift bag or a box, fasten the bauble to the top and it will be the first personalized item your friend receives. They are wonderful in place of a greeting card, and make any gift even more special. If your family has received a few too many hints about what might be wrapped within their presents, a personalized birthstone ornament is a wonderful touch to bring back the surprise.

If you’re gifting a child, they will love having their special birthstone color presented on the tree. Your child may have had a special milestone birthday, and gifting a birthstone ornament will remind them of how proud you are! For kids born in December or January, it can be tough for families to separate the celebrations, and kids can feel disappointed when they don’t receive special attention. Having a special ornament just for the child’s birthday on the tree shows that your family loves celebrating both but still recognizes their special day. Personalized ornaments are perfect for bringing families together with custom messages around the holidays. Everyone has a special day, and everyone celebrates Christmas together -- so recognize everyone’s uniqueness while together.

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