Glass Ornaments

Glass ornaments come from all over the world, and many can be personalized just for you! I am proud to carry high-quality Polish glass ornaments covered in sparkling glitter that I traveled to Europe to find. You will also find Egyptian glass ornaments made through a unique firing process and etched in gold, Italian glass ornaments crafted in meticulous detail, and collectible Old World Christmas glass ornaments. See our glass ball ornaments for painted German glass as well! We carry an abundant amount symbols and shapes to choose from in the best possible glass materials, such as toys, animals and various holiday items. This selection is uniquely chosen to fit a Christmas tree that will sparkle and shine with world-renowned tradition.

Browse premium-quality Christmas ornaments handmade with glass and 24k gold from around the world.

The most wonderful aspect about glass ornaments is they come in such a wide variety of shapes and symbols to choose from. A glass ornament on your tree is a delicate treasure with hand-crafted quality and luxurious details. You can browse for single ornaments, or whole sets of glass ornaments to shine across your tree in unity. Don’t forget to also browse our glass ball ornaments with loving sayings, or you might be interested in our clear ball ornament if you enjoy DIY ornament projects!

Traditionally, depending on where the glass ornament was created, there are specific themes you will find. Egyptian glass animal ornaments often resemble elephants and roosters while you’ll find many other animals represented in Polish glass including owls, dogs, and even dinosaurs. Old World Christmas Glass is collectible and features classic Christmas icons such as a Christmas pig, squirrel, and caroling mouse. Italian glass ornaments often have additional features such as feathers and felt to bring the decoration to life.

Some families love featuring high-quality glass ornaments for milestones, such as a new baby boy or girl, an engagement, anniversary, wedding or vacation. You may enjoy our collection of retro ornaments with old and familiar symbols, such as a rotary phone or cassette tape, made of fine glass. Common shapes for intricate glass ornaments include balls, eggs, hearts, spheres, icicles, ovals, chandeliers, bells, lamps, spin tops, beaded swirls, and so many other unique glass forms, large and small. Each one is glass blown with refined features that will stand out on your beautiful Christmas tree. Personalized glass ornaments upon the tree are timeless classics your whole family will love!

A solid display stand is also perfect for featuring your favorite ornament on a side table in your living space. Ornaments are always found on our Christmas tree, but they can make magical decorations all throughout the home to cherish all on their own as well.

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