New Home Christmas Ornaments

Home is where the heart is and these ornaments represent the love of that comfort. Family memories are built at home and the ornaments in this category are great for first time homeowners, apartment or condominium dwellings, new homes or a first house. Welcome a new neighbor to your community with an ornament customized with their family name and address. With over 60 treasured keepsake options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect symbol to represent the home you have in mind, whether on a glass ball or in resin. These even make great personalized gifts from real estate agents for the happy new homeowners they met this year.

Browse home ornaments to match your unique house or apartment for the holidays this year.

Our homes are where so many important memories occur. From first steps to the last day of school, so much time passes under one roof. It’s important to capture these milestones year after year, and they can be perfectly summarized in a new personalized home ornament. Many families move as their families grow, and this calls for a celebration. Whether living in an apartment or house, the home is an icon worth cherishing on your Christmas tree to capture everyone’s favorite moments of downtime this year.

Choosing the perfect home ornament can be tough as all of our homes are so unique in shape and size! With our selection, you’ll find so many options to choose from. We have whole houses with one story to multiple stories represented in various colors. You may enjoy choosing a candy cane cottage house to represent your home with a wonderful Christmas theme. We also have multiple homes in one if you’d like to represent your own home and a neighbor’s home beside each other in spirit. Find front doors in various colors, such as brown, white, red and black to fit your own home’s unique front door. If you’re having trouble picking your home ornament, we also have mailboxes so you can write your address and family name to represent your home, and we have glass balls to capture homely sayings, such as, “Home is where your story begins.” To include individual people in your family, consider a decorative window ornament. These symbolize a window into your home and you can select up to 10 personalized individual faces with red caps.

Moving into a new home can be tough if your family has lived in the same home for many years. You may have a unique living arrangement with grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews or family friends. Celebrate everyone under your roof with a home ornament for this unique holiday season. Personalize your home ornament with the year to show how everyone belongs together and in the moment.

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