Pets & Animals Christmas Ornaments

Your pets are part of your family. I wanted to make sure this category had all animals great and small for you to love, from your kittens to your frogs, as my dog has always been a member of my family. Capture all your favorite times playing fetch, bathing, barking, and just hanging out together. Choose from our materials including glass, resin and wood, and symbols including bones, tiaras, dog houses, service dog themes and more. If your pet is no longer with you, a pet memorial ornament also makes a loving addition to your family Christmas tree so that you can cherish the memories of your cat, dog or other family pet each year. A loss gift for a loved one who no longer has their best friend will be received dearly.

Dog, cat, small pet, and wild animal ornaments to memorialize your unique family experiences.

A personalized pet ornament will always help you cherish the wonderful and lasting memories you’ve spent with your favorite animal friend come Christmas time. Cat and dog ornaments can resemble your pet down to the breed and color! With our families with pets ornaments, you can have each member of your family personalized alongside your pet, including a boy or girl with their puppy or cat. Whether you have a golden retriever or a black cat, we will resemble their likeness for you to honor each year with their personalized name. Find ornaments for even your small pets, such as your child’s first guinea pig, fish or bird. These animals help teach us to love and appreciate, so mark the milestone your kids and pets share together.

Choosing from animal ornaments can be so much fun, especially for kids who have a favorite animal they’re obsessed with! Monkeys have so much energy, just like our young children. Sharks and dolphins make cool ornaments for kids who love the beach.Your child might also love safari animals like giraffes, exotic animals like pandas, or beautiful insects like butterflies. We even have a selection of dinosaur ornaments for kids who have a fascination with t-rex or raptors, and love Jurassic Park movies!

Sometimes the wildlife and animals right outside our door can feel just as special to celebrate. Find farm animal ornaments including cows, pigs and even ponies. Do you have a new horse in your family that you love dearly? Personalize your ornament with your new horse’s name and choose the matching color, or find cowboy boots to represent your new best friend. We also have wildlife ornaments including deer and bears for these close encounters. Fill your Christmas tree with all members of your family, and all your favorite moments this year - including the times you spent sharing memories with animals.

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