Not sure what to do when snow has you stuck inside? Join us as we share fun activities!

I remember when I was young, my family would come together during snow storms and think of creative ways to pass the time.

As I went on to raise my own kids, I’ve passed down the same family values to them as my parents passed down to me. My children would go outside to play in the snow, and when they were tired and starting to get cold, I’d call them inside to have fun where it’s warm.

We loved playing board games and solving puzzles together, so much so that I’ve kept a Christmas Fun collection of all the most enjoyable games we’d play. Now you can play the same games with your children and grandchildren.

I have three of my favorite activities to share for keeping the winter spirit alive indoors. I hope you enjoy them just as my family and I have.

1. The Hershey Kisses Matching Game

Hershey-s-Kiss-(Silver)-KA9041I always loved playing The Hershey Kisses Matching Game after dinnertime because my children would have fun while eating their dessert.

If you keep Hershey’s Kisses in your home, take an even number of them and place round stickers on their bottoms. Let the children draw pairs of holiday symbols on the stickers, then see who can make the most matches (and eat the most candy!) when they’re placed down and shuffled around.

You’d be surprised by just how much kids of all ages (and even most adults) love to play this family-friendly game.

2. Pictionary of Songs

music-clefAll this Pictionary Game requires are blank pieces of paper and knowing your Christmas Carols. You can also include nursery rhymes or popular songs from the radio.

Write down your favorite songs on strips of paper, then randomly select them out of a hat for each drawer’s turn. You can play with two teams and keep score of how many correct guesses are made.

3. Reading Together

Stack-of-Books-OW10040For later in the evening when everyone is calming down, reading together is a great pastime.

We have the most popular Christmas Poems in our Christmas Fun section for you to share with your children. Reading together, no matter your choice in books, is an inclusive family activity for snowy nights indoors. In my family, the youngest picks the first story and then the oldest starts reading.

Have your own indoor activities that keep you and your kid’s busy in the winter? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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