Don’t miss out on these three annual traditions that are most important for the holiday.

The holidays come and go so quickly! That’s why traditions are very important to maintain. Years go by and when you miss just one annual event, it’s easy to let it go each year after. I’ve put together my list of Thanksgiving traditions that you should never skip to remind everyone of their importance!

1. Contact each loved one in your life.

An iPad or tablet ornament. | OrnamentShop.comSometimes, families move far away and it’s difficult to see them each year. In my day, we would have to keep those loved ones in our thoughts, and be thankful that they were happy even though they weren’t with us.

Instead, today we have technology! At the very least, give your loved ones a call or text, and if you’re feeling brave you could even try FaceTime or Skype! You can see each and every one of them, even if it is for a brief time and hundreds of miles away. Staying in contact on this holiday will make a big difference years from now when this little extra effort is the most memorable.

2. Eat together.

A chef ornament tasting the dish from a spoon and holding a cooking pot in the other hand. | OrnamentShop.comSometimes with big families, it’s difficult for everyone to eat in the same house let alone the same room! Don’t let anyone in the family feel left out, whether they’re too young to graduate from the kids table or too old to travel on their own to visit. Check in with your family friends, too, and make sure they’re not eating alone either.

When you eat alone, it’s easy to forget what you’re thankful for on this special day. Eating together means there will be a moment where everyone gets to share what they’re thankful for. It’s important to rekindle your feelings of being in a community. That’s what traditions are all about.

3. Start your Christmas shopping.

An ornament of Santa holding a wishlist from a good child. | OrnamentShop.comLooking forward to Christmas time starts on Thanksgiving! Once your stuffed from eating turkey, it will be a good time to ask your family members what’s on their wish lists this year. Whether they’re asking for new toys, clothing, or little things around the house, remember that you can celebrate all the memories you’ve shared with each other, too. We have ornaments for her, ornaments for him, and ornaments for kids!

We have many new ornaments for this year as well, so take a look at our 2017 wish list post to see if these unique ornaments are fit for your friends and family!

Do you have any special Thanksgiving traditions? Share with us in the comments below!

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