Throw a Christmas-themed summer bash and start a unique tradition with these party ideas for everyone!

Christmas is such a special time of year, and nothing beats the lovely contrast we all feel when the weather outside is frightful, but our hearts are warm with holiday cheer.

While Christmas in July could never replace actual Christmas, it does remind us that the holiday isn’t tied to a certain date or weather, but to the feeling we have when we come together as friends and family. Summertime is arguably the best time of year to throw a big party after all, so why not combine it with a playful holiday theme?

Try some of my personal favorite Christmas in July party ideas to throw an unforgettable summer bash that might even turn into an annual tradition!

1. Cookie Swap

An ornament shaped like a Christmas tree cookie and personalized with a name | OrnamentShop.comYour party theme comes down to your guests, and if you keep bakers in your company, they will be thrilled to have a cookie swap!

Have everyone bring their own homemade baked goods, then set all the cookies on a table. Everyone goes around in a circle picking one up at a time putting the cookies in their own containers.

Classic choices such as chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and even gingerbread cookies are perfect options for demonstrating your Christmas spirit, but you could also suggest your guests try summery recipes, like glazed lemon cookies or sprinkled cake pops.

2. Ugly T-Shirt Contest

As a spin-off to an Ugly Sweater Contest, you could try a few fun options for throwing your own summer version.

One option is to have your guests wear their ugliest summer themed t-shirt. These t-shirts could have designs that are funny, weird, or just plain ugly!

Another option is to have your guests wear blank t-shirts, and then as a craft, they can design their ugly t-shirt to be Christmas or summer themed. As the host, you’ll make up your own rules and be the judge.

3. Homemade Ornament Crafts

A colorful ball ornament made of glass and paper mache | OrnamentShop.comIf your guests are really into crafts, we have so many crafts to choose from on our DIY Ornament Blog!

The best crafts for Christmas in July pertain to summer memories, so that when you hang it on your December Christmas Tree, you’ll remember the fun you had in July.

You could try a papier-mâché ornament craft with your own colorful tissue paper and whole-punch designs, or even an origami swan ornament with a little bit of paint to make a summer scene.

4. Water Balloon Snowballs

Here’s a great go-to party idea, especially if you have a big yard and a pool.

Purchase white water balloons and then split up into teams. Have someone keep score during the “snowball” fight to see which team won. You can adapt the game to compete by hitting targets on a wall from different distances, too. All you have to do is pick up the balloon pieces afterwards!

5. Movie and Music Marathons

An ornament of the leg lamp from a Christmas Story, the movie | OrnamentShop.comOne of the best parts of Christmas is watching holiday movies and listening to music inside. If you find your party is either on a really hot day or a rainy day, you can still enjoy reminiscing in the holiday spirit by putting on a fun Christmas movie.

If your guests are more into music, you could either have a sing-a-along, or you could play short clips for a “guess that tune” game as another fun and easy party contest.

Do you have a fun Christmas in July party idea we didn’t include? Share it with us in the comments below!

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