How to make unique wood Christmas ornaments


I have noticed that rustic ornaments are one of the new trends for Christmas 2015 and therefore, I’ve asked my friend Donni from to take you through a wonderful tutorial for how to make ornaments out of wood.  These unique wood Christmas ornaments can be made from trees in your own backyard!  They will […]

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Our Favorite Funny Christmas Ornaments

Funny Christmas Ornaments |

I’ve always thought that silly, cute, and funny Christmas ornaments are wonderful for so many reasons. Not only do they make us laugh; they also remind us of the good times we’ve shared together, bringing us joy and that wonderful warm feeling we get when we spend the holidays with friends and family. Although I […]

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For 2015

Christmas Ornaments |

If you love the holidays as much as we do, it’s probably safe to assume you’re already thinking about all of the ways you’ll be decorating your Christmas tree in 2015. Just like snowflakes, no two Christmas trees are exactly the same, and each holds its own special place in our memories as we reflect back […]

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Favorite Foods So Good Together You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Favorite Foods often come in pairs because they just go together better that way. Usually they are good on their own, but end up being so much tastier when combined, creating an exciting sensation for your palate. We have decided to share our top 10 favorite foods that you can’t have solo, because the two […]

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Bird Ornaments That Are Made In America Showcase Wild Birds


We are all a twitter about our series of hand-painted Bird Ornaments! They are Made In America and depict Wild Birds with finite details that only a very skilled painter and bird lover could demonstrate. The current series includes 11 different bird types from everyday backyard varieties to exotic species you can only find in […]

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