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How to Add a Spark to Any Valentine’s Day Gift

Three ornaments that represent Valentine's Day: the word Love, a dove with two hearts for names, and a chocolate covered strawberry. |

To show your loved one how much you care, customize a gift that’s unlike any other!

One of the best days of the year to receive a gift is on Valentine’s Day, and this year is no different!

We all look forward to piles of goodies on Christmas morning and special little surprises on birthdays, but Valentine’s Day gifts are very unique out Two flat doves kiss at the top of a silver heart that reads Happily Ever After and a wedding date. | OrnamentShop.comof the year. When we choose our valentine, we focus on our relationship with a special someone, so the gift expresses memories and experiences no one else would understand or share with you.

The best way to reflect these unique moments is with a gift that speaks directly to you and your husband or wife. When you personalize an ornament, you can customize your message to perfectly fit the occasion. Gifts that involve a level of personalization, such as adding initials and important dates, help memorialize the day to look back on later – and it’s a free service we offer here at!

A Chocolate Strawberry ornament to give to somone sweet for an occasion such as Valentine's Day. |

If this year, you and your partner share a special anniversary, then an anniversary or couples ornament could be the best way to capture the holiday. We carry ornaments for desserts, such as chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, as romantic symbols..

Personalized keepsakes also make wonderful present toppers, so that if you decide to get him or her a nice watch or flowers, you can tie an ornament to the gift as a second, smaller gift that doubles as a card. The same names, dates and brief messages you might put on the inside of a card can be summarized on a keepsake. This way, it will never be thrown away and will actually be celebrated again come Christmas time!

Not only are personalized keepsakes perfect for representing special moments between couples, but they’re also perfect for celebrating big family moments. Consider personalizing a unique ornament for a loved one in these scenarios:

A man stands behind a wife on an ornament while holding her belly representing a pregnancy. |

  • If a child was recently born, then customize a baby ornament around the baby’s birthday, gender and name for the mom or dad.
  • If your loved one received a recent promotion, then personalize an occupation keepsake with their name, job and a brief message to say you are proud.
  • If you and your partner went on a recent vacation, choose a travel and destination ornament to personalize with the date, names and a brief message about the great time you had together.

There are so many reasons to mark a celebration with a personalized keepsake. The best part will be every December when your family brings the keepsake out again to decorate with and cherish.

Which ornament best captures your Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!