Do you have an Unusual Christmas Tree?

Although many people decorate their Christmas tree traditionally whether it is an artificial or real Christmas tree, others like to use their artistic ability and create something unique.  I have gathered some of my favorite unusual Christmas Trees for your viewing enjoyment. They are decorated with a variety of materials and some are even edible!  

If you are looking for a high quality artificial Christmas tree in a variety of sizes and shapes, check out our sister site, Christmas and look under Accessories & Decorations, then Trees & Wreaths. You can also find adorable ornaments for every interest, hobby or activity that you can image, including current trends such as video game player, scrapbooking, cell phone user and more!
If you’ve got an unusual Christmas tree in your house, please share it with me and any stories “attached” to it….I’ll include it in our blog, the next time I write about trees.”

Book Christmas Tree
Book Tree
Upside Down Christmas Tree
Upside Down Tree
Noodle Christmas Tree
Noodle Tree
Teddy Bear Tree
Teddy Bear Tree
Veggie Tree
Vegetable Tree
Potato Tree
Potato Tree

Tie Tree

Donut Tree

Bottle Tree

Crate & Wreath Tree


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