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Commemorating the end of the sports season with a team banquet has become a tradition for high school sports. Coming up with just the right banquet gifts can be a daunting task for the booster club and team moms who want memorable tokens that go beyond earning varsity letters and graduating year numbers. Personalized ornaments from make the perfect banquet gifts for the team as well as gifts for coaches.

Personalized ornaments make a wonderful gift that everyone on the team can have that doesn’t matter what position he played or how skilled she was. The MVP and the benchwarmer all contributed to a winning season and will love these unique and lasting banquet gifts.

Banquet Gifts For Over 50 Sports

With both individual sports and team sports available, you will find the banquet gifts that you need to celebrate the team’s championship victory.

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Choose from traditional high school team sports such as:

Choose from traditional high school individual sports such as:

With various styles and hair colors to choose from you can find the right representation of your athletes to memorialize their season. In some cases such as cheerleading and soccer, you can choose a uniform color to represent your school’s team colors. Some options are red, blue, green, black, and purple.

Dress Up Your Presentation Of Banquet Gifts

If you’re going to be presenting students with varsity letters ornament graduating year numbers, here’s a fun do-it-yourself way to give athletes their banquet gifts!


In this example, we placed each student’s letters or numbers in a paper bag. You can purchase colored bags very cheaply at a craft store in just about any color of the rainbow, so getting their school colors for the whole team is easy. We then decorated the bag with the team name and printed their winning record on it.

Next we sealed the bag and taped a personalized ornament with each athlete’s name on it, around the top of the bag.  Add a little curling ribbon to dress it up and make it exciting and “Voila!” you have the perfect banquet gifts to commemorate their season as well as a lifetime keepsake they will treasure for years to come.

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