The Best 2019 Christmas Ornaments: Top 10 Unique Ornaments for this Christmas

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Every year, we’re delighted to re-stock our inventory with wonderfully magical ornaments. The year 2019 was filled with so many loving memories, and so 2019 personalized Christmas ornaments are perfect to help capture and reflect on these times over the holiday season.

My favorite ornaments are those meant as gifts to family members. Christmas ornaments are all so unique, especially when they can be personalized with names, dates and brief messages. These ornaments will reappear each Christmas so that you can all laugh and remember the best times together from 2019, time and time again.

I’ve picked out 10 of the most interesting, unique and special ornaments that are entirely NEW this year! Check out my list to find the perfect gift for your friends and family or browse all 2019 Christmas ornaments for yourself.

1. 2019 Couple in a Sled

Are you looking for ornaments with the year 2019 engraved, personalized or molded in place? This 2019 Couple in a Sled ornament combines the year with a couple sitting in a round innertube for snow tubing. We have many more 2019 Christmas ornaments for you to choose from, some of which include room for up to 10 individual names!

2. New Driver 2019

One of our top selling ornament types is for new car drivers. If you had a young adult in your family become a driver this year, it’s a milestone that deserves a place on the tree just like taking your first baby steps again! This new Driver 2019 ornament is perfect for both the boys and girls in your family who are now independent drivers. Show them you’re proud with a new driver ornament!

3. Gingerbread House Family

The best personalized family ornaments show a new side of your family each year. These are so much fun to collect! This new Gingerbread House Family ornament contains 4 family members and all the usual fixings for a gingerbread house with gumdrops, lollipops, candy canes and more. Each family member wears a Santa hat with their names personalized on the brim.

4. Traveler’s Suitcase

Did you visit a new destination this year or travel back to one of your favorite places in the world? This new Travelers Suitcase ornament contains a camera, sunglasses, airplane, and stickers on top of a red suitcase to represent your trip to a tropical get away. Personalize it with your or your friend’s destination name or browse our other vacation ornaments to find the perfect one to represent a 2019 vacation.

5. Orange and Blue Dragon

Kids ornaments have so much variety. You’ll find older characters we all know and love, like Snoopy and Batman, and then there are new faces that are very popular today, like Elsa and Olaf. This dragon ornament I thought would be really cool for any kid to receive! The colors compliment each other and it will spark the imagination of the little boy or girl on your Christmas list.

6. Hiking Backpack

Some of the best times of the year are spent just enjoying fresh air. For those who love going outdoors, there’s not always a way to represent these peaceful moments to remember later. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, cross-country running, or just spending time outside, outdoor personalized Christmas ornaments allow you to memorialize these outdoor adventures. This hiking backpack can be personalized with the location of your day trip, the name of your friend receiving the gift, and the date of your adventure together.

7. Cassette Music Tape

Our traditions are what brings the magic of Christmas to life. Retro ornaments help celebrate our past and help us recall Christmases when the presents were so different! We have unique ornaments like a rubix cube, record players, Nintendo controllers and more to bring you back to the simpler times. These are fun to tell stories about and help explain to younger kids how things were very different not so long ago!

8. Burrito in Foil

One of my personal favorite categories is for food & drink ornaments. Everyone finds comfort and love in their favorite foods, and that’s why these make perfectly fitting ornament gifts for our friends and family. This burrito ornament is wrapped in foil and has the first bite taken, just like the burrito to-go we’ve all relied on when in a hurry! It’s tough to choose just one food ornament to spotlight on my list, so be sure to check out all our new ones this year including eggplant, avocado on toast and a cupcake in a glass!

9. Sew and Stitch Sewing Machine

It can be tough Christmas shopping for someone who has just a few hobbies. These friends often ask for the same thing each year! That’s why our activities and hobbies category is the perfect place to start for finding an entirely unique gift this year that your friends will be sure to appreciate. This sewing ornament is an example of just one of the whimsical miniature ornaments we have to help represent what’s special about your friends and family. This mini sewing machine is such an adorable keepsake, but take a look at the full craft ornaemnts section for yourself!

10. Kombucha Dark Brew Tea

Have you heard of kombucha tea? If you’re Christmas shopping for a health nut, this unique ornament will stand out from all the rest! This decoration shows tea within a small mason jar, just like the real thing. The quality resin in this ornament will surprise and enchant your friends as well as remind them of the delicious batch of tea they made just the other day.

Do you have a favorite ornament from 2019 to share? Tell us in the comments below!


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