Halloween combines creativity with spooky traditions, so don’t overlook the most important décor!

Everyone loves decorating for Halloween because it’s such a crafty holiday. Whether you’re creating your own costume, making your own candy gift bags, or setting up a scary scene to spook trick-or-treaters, there’s so many ways to show your creativity!

When it comes to decorating your home, there are a few essentials that are easy to overlook when you’re busy with everything else! Use this list to add the finishing touches to your home’s Halloween décor.

1. Jack-o-lanterns on the porch.

A jack-o-lantern ornament with black string. | OrnamentShop.comPumpkin carving is very essential to celebrating Halloween. You can carve your pumpkin however you like, whether you print a stencil out to trace your design, or if you decide to turn it into a unique piece of art unlike anyone else’s. If you’re not a big fan of the mess pumpkin carving causes, you could also try pumpkin painting.

Either way, be sure to present your masterpiece in front of your home for when trick-or-treaters come. You should wait until you’re about a week away from Halloween so that your pumpkin doesn’t spoil before the big day.

2. Center pieces in the living room and dining room.

A black Halloween tree with various scary ornaments hanging. | OrnamentShop.com While you’re busy switching table clothes, hanging spider webs, and setting up spooky mannequins, it’s easy to forget about the center pieces in your home. When people visit and get comfortable, have a fun conversation piece ready.

My favorite Halloween center piece can be customized however you like – a spooky Halloween tree! Of course, you can hang your favorite ornaments here, but hanging your own craft works as well. Use our DIY instructions to fill vials with magical ingredients, and then label them. Your friends will get a kick out of guessing what’s in each vial!

3. Candy dishes on side tables.

A Reese's candy bar ornament for Halloween. | OrnamentShop.comLast but not least, it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy! Be sure to leave out dishes of sweets to snack on while you wait for the big night. I find it charming when I see a jar of candy corn because it’s such a traditional candy, but these days we have so many more candy options. Leaving out what your family craves the most is a safe decision, but also risky because they could eat it all!

When choosing candy for trick-or-treaters, you might try to be the best house on the block. I’ve always heard from kids that giant candy bars are the best, but I usually go with the mini bars so there’s plenty for everyone.

How did you decorate your home for Halloween this year? Tell us in the comments below!