The Best Way to Gift Grads: 3 Personalized Money Gift Ideas

We all know there’s only one gift grads want: Money! Try these three ideas to turn it into a memorable present.

I’ve been to my share of graduation ceremonies and after parties. Watching a child step up to the podium as a student then off the podium as a distinguished scholar is such a rewarding experience. Not many young adults realize how special those moments are.

While money is a great gift, it can feel rather empty for the one giving it. There are also right and wrong ways to give money. If you choose to stuff a blank envelope full of bills, you’ll see it disappear in the blink of an eye with a brief thank you.

On the other hand, you could choose to give the money creatively. Here are three ways to spice up your money gift:

1. Personalize the envelope.

An envelope with a personalized graduation ornament on the front. Learn to do it yourself | OrnamentShop.comRather than gift a blank envelope, decorate the outside. Use a graduation ornament personalized with the grad’s name, and tie it across the envelope with a bow.

This works for any occasion where you might give a gift card or cash, such as a wedding or birthday. Ornament Shop will personalize the ornament of your choosing, and you can easily add it to the front of your envelope instead of writing their name in pen. Use a small piece of scotch tape to keep the keepsake in place, and your gift will stand out when the grad goes to open it.

2. Use a DIY graduation money jar.

A creative money jar gift with rolled up dollar bills as diplomas and a personalized ornament glued to the front. Learn to make it yourself | OrnamentShop.comFollow our step-by-step instructions to try this DIY money gift.

Using small rectangular pieces of paper, roll the dollar bills into the paper to make each dollar look like a miniature diploma. Glue a personalized graduation ornament to the front of the mason jar to add the grad’s name and the year. You can even create your own graduation cap to glue to the top of the lid!

3. Add a topper to the box.

A gift box with a personalized graduation ornament as an elegant diploma gift topper. Learn to do it yourself | OrnamentShop.comYou might have another gift in mind that is best presented in a box. You might also prefer to use a money gift that can be opened in a box. A keepsake can fit perfectly either way as the gift topper.

Some people like to use a tissue box filled with money taped together as a money gift, so that when the grad opens the gift, there’s a stream of money they need to pull out of the box. Use a graduation ornament as the topper so that the very first dollar bill in the box is taped to the ornament.

For each of these gifts, not only will the grad appreciate receiving exactly what they asked for, but the memory will be cherished through a graduation keepsake. As the grad goes on to move out on their own, they’ll place the ornament on their first Christmas tree and remember you were there that day to celebrate their achievements.

Do you have other creative ideas for gifting money? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Janelle

    I love the gift topper idea! I’m going to do that with an ornament that I ordered for my nephew’s graduation gift coming up.

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