New home gifts are so unique! Find the perfect apartment or house ornament for the holidays with our wide selection.

Moving to a new home is a major milestone for all families. Whether the family moves into a house or apartment, a keepsake is perfect for commemorating the date to look back on years from now.

So many of our everyday memories are formed in our homes. When a friend or loved one moves, everyone close to the family typically comes together to help with packing, moving and arranging furniture, and the very first house party is always an event to remember. When it comes to Christmas time and you’re considering your annual gifts, a new home ornament gift is absolutely perfect for the occasion.

The time spent helping the family and celebrating the family’s big move can be captured in a personalized custom ornament to resemble their home, their front door, or even a mailbox. You have many options to choose from on our house and home ornament category!

Top 5 Housewarming Christmas Gifts

1. “From Our House to Yours.”

Two homes side by side with from our house to yours and two family names. |

If you’re looking for a symbol of both your homes in one supporting eachother, this is the perfect Christmas gift. Both houses are symbolically side by side and has personalization for both family names! Purchase matching ornaments for both families to present on their trees.

2. White House with Pine Trees

A white home ornament with two trees and two stories. |

This white house beside two pine trees can represent many different new homes. It’s designed to fit right in with a two-story suburban house in the winter time.

3. Front Door Family

A family ornament with 5 faces customized for gender and hair color on a front door for a new home. |

If you’re not sure about choosing a home ornament to match the family’s real house, a front door is also perfectly fitting for the entrance to the home. Our ornaments can even have the faces of each family member, customized down to their hair and skin color and even personalized with their names!

4. Christmas Window Family

A window ornament with 10 faces personalized with names for a new house. |

If you’d like to personalize a new home ornament for a big family, our window ornaments go up to ten! Include everyone on a symbolic window into the home and personalize each name on our faces wearing red caps for a fun holiday theme.

5. Candy Cane House Family


A green holiday home with 7 faces personalized with names. |

This candy cane home represents a unique home for holidays. This ornament is wonderfully Christmas themed to perfectly fit on the tree and to capture everyone in the family with their own personalized face. 

If you’re still not sure how to choose the perfect new home ornaent, browse our full home selection or try our DIY new home ornament! We have so many options to choose from to complete your home over the holidays.

What type of new home ornament is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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