Are you looking for adult holiday games to play with a group? We have the perfect list!

Here at Ornament Shop, we love planning for the holidays. This time of year is always a joy to share with family and friends — even co-workers!

If you have downtime at the office this holiday season, you’ll want fun games to play to celebrate the holidays together. That’s why we’ve collected the best games to play while at work, or even with your friends!

5 Group Holiday Games for Adults

1. White Elephant Exchange

A white elephant is a gift exchange, sometimes also called a secret santa, yankee swap or pollyanna. There are a few variations you can play by, and additional rules for “present stealing.”

Everyone invited to the party brings a gift worth a designated amount, such as $20, and places the gift on a center table. Everyone then draws numbers and one-by-one chooses a gift they want to open from the table. As fun twist, when a person’s number is drawn they can take a gift that has already been opened, and the person who is having their present stolen can choose a new gift from the table. Everyone receives a gift and present stealing adds an element of surprise!

2. Holiday Bingo

A bingo ornament, perfect to award a bingo winner as a prize. |

This classic group game can very easily be adapted to fit the holiday season.

Print out our blank holiday bingo cards on paper and hand them out to the party guests. Have your guests fill out each square with a holiday-themed word. You will then write each word on a small pi

ece of paper to draw from a hat. The easiest way to do this is by creating a big word bank before starting the game and then dispersing the word bank to your guests on a sheet of paper or by writing them on a board for everyone to see.

As each word is drawn from the hat, guests will place a bingo chip on their matching squares. Be sure to have an ornament prize for the winner at the end!

3. Ornament Exchange

Ornament exchanges are similar to white elephants but can also have a DIY element. We’ve created a wonderful DIY Christmas Morning ornament designed for exchanges!

Each guest brings a wrapped ornament either within a certain price range or as a DIY. We offer personalized occupation ornaments that are also a lot of fun to gift for work parties by personalizing the name of your business on the ornament. Everyone places their wrapped ornaments on a table and pick out their ornament gifts by drawing numbers from a hat. You can also steal ornaments, or pair this with a white elephant exchange by having the ornaments paired with presents.

4. Name that Christmas Carol Trivia

A Christmas Carol ornament to celebrate your favorite holiday song. | OrnamentShop.comOur Christmas Carol Trivia is very popular!

The host will disperse the quizes to each guest playing and then set a timer for how long everyone has to answer each clue. Once the time is up, everyone swaps their cards to judge the other player’s right or wrong choices. This game may sound easy, but some of them are very tricky! We recommend rewarding the winner with a carol ornament.

5. Christmas Trivia Around the World

We have three difficulty levels for our Christmas Tradition Trivia Game: Easy, medium and hard.

Print the questions and a corresponding answer sheets for the host to read. Everyone receives the questionnaire with 20 questions each. You can play this game alone or in teams. If you choose to play in teams, the host can read each question out loud and the teams can take turns answering the questions. Start with easy and end with difficult while racking up points for each team.

Don’t forget to give a trivia ornament prize to commemorate the winner. Bring the easier levels home to your family to include your kids, too!

Do you have your own holiday games you love to play? Share with us in your comments below!

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