The reason why we celebrate Christmas In July has such a funny origin, and just like other traditions, this one has been adopted by so many people in so many different ways.

The very first Christmas in July tree was set up in 1933 at a North Carolina girls’ summer camp – and it even had ornaments! Their decorations of choice included balls that may have been made of balloons, paper streamers, and strings of popcorn.

Keystone Camp, South Carolina, with the first ever Christmas In July Tree |
Image:, Courtesy of Keystone Camp

These campers were really into crafts and I’m sure they loved using simple and traditional-looking decorations. Nowadays, we have such a huge selection of ornaments that you can decorate your tree as creatively as you like.

To celebrate Christmas In July, I have a few suggestions on themes for ornaments to decorate with. Whether you have a full-sized pine tree, a palm tree, a small counter-top plastic tree, or a single ornament stand, these ornaments will bring cheer to your summer home.

1. A Summer Vacation Theme

The word Beach spelled out with items you would find on the beach, including an umbrealla, sunglasses, and sun tan lotion | OrnamentShopThe best moments from your summer belong front and center in your family room. When guests come to visit, you can show off the ornaments that describe your latest vacation. You might have flown all the way to Hawaii or taken a road trip to a nearby lake. If you have pictures from your summer vacation, you can display these right next to your tree.

Our summer vacation and destination ornaments can all be personalized with your family members’ names. Some ornaments have individual family members represented on them, while others are iconic and can be personalized with the family name.

2. A Traditional Christmas Theme

A Jultomten ball ornament, the traditional Santa Claus from Sweden | OrnamentShopWe all have Christmas ornaments that we cherish deeply, and Christmas in July might remind you of a few particular ornaments that you can’t wait to hang up until after Thanksgiving. Give your ornament collection a peek and see if there are some you’d like to display in order to truly reminisce in what makes Christmas special to you and your family.

Sometimes, people who celebrate Christmas too early are teased (I’ve done it shamelessly!) but this is the time of year where you can get away with early Christmas decorating – and then enjoy doing it again a few months later!

3. An Events & Life Memories Theme

A new big sister holds her little sibling | OrnamentShop.comOver the course of the year, I’m sure you’ve made as many lasting memories as I have. Whether your family had a new baby, your spouse got a new job, or maybe you even had a sad memory such as a pet passing away, these can be lovingly preserved with ornaments.

This type of Christmas In July theme will be entirely unique to the memories you share with your family, and can be customized in so many ways. You might be a Game of Thrones fan who would love an Iron Throne on display, or you might play baseball and had a big victory this season that can be memorialized with an ornament. Consider some of the highlights of this year and celebrate them!

Which memories have been your favorite this year so far? Tell us in the comments below!