Christmas ornaments make wonderful personalized gifts. You can choose your ornaments based on fond memories, on favorite hobbies, and on what matters most to your friends and family.

At, we carry a huge variety of over 5,000 personalized Christmas ornaments for you to choose from to select the best ornaments for friends. Just as friendship is a gift, the most wonderful gifts can represent your unique friendship. The beauty behind personalized Christmas ornaments is that you can make your ornament for a friend as personal as you can think of with a unique message, date or names on your gift. These make thoughtful present toppers, too, if you have more gifts in mind, but will be cherished on the Christmas tree for a lifetime nonetheless.

Picking out one ornament for a best friend can be tough, so I’ve tried to help you narrow them down with my suggestions on what would mean most to me as a friend.

1. Glass Ball Ornaments with Sayings of Friendship

I tend to think the simplest answer is usually the best answer. Glass ball ornaments with sayings about friendship will always remind your friend of how much they mean to you. It’s tradition to hang ornaments on the tree each year, so year after year they will smile and be reminded you gifted them a heartwarming message on a glass ornament. We like to keep our friendship and family glass ball ornaments together!

A glass ball ornament with a saying about friendship, perfect for a gifting to a friend this Christmas. |

2. Hobby Ornaments for Friends’ Hobbies

If you share hobbies, sports or a fandom with your friend, they’re sure to enjoy an ornament to represent your shared interest. This might be important if you met while playing club soccer together or if you enjoy playing video games together. Our hobbies mean so much to us, and it means even more when you can share them with a friend.

If you don’t have a hobby in common, show your friend you’re proud of them for their achievements, such as a career ornament if they are a fireman or nurse. The best ornaments for friends show you recognize what’s special about them.

An XBox controller ornament that can be personalized with a friend's name for Christmas. |

3. Pet Ornaments to Gift a Friend

When you visit your friend, do you always look forward to seeing their pets, too? When I visit my friends, I always have to take a moment to say hi to their little animals. A friend’s dog can also become a best friend, even when they’re not your own! The best ornament for a friend can also include their pets because we all know pets help to enrich friendship between each other.

Gift your friend a personalized pet ornament to share your love for their adorable roommate over the holidays. We carry a wide variety of pet ornaments including cats, horses, hamsters, turtles, and many more.

An Australian Sheppard ornament personalized with the dogs name on a bone. |

4. Personalized Ornaments with Friends

When we share memories with our friends, we like to picture ourselves just as we were in the moment. Browse for ornaments that have people to represent yourself and your friend. Many of our ornaments represent two friends side-by-side doing a variety of activities, such as taking a selfie, camping, riding a roller coaster, and in Christmas hats.

Personalized ornament with two brunette girl friends taking a selfie together. |

Are you looking for the perfect ornament for your best friend this year? Share it with us in the comments below!

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