Since when have birthday parties become more than a minor blip on the calendar? Today’s children grow up having different birthday party themes each year that they get older. Simple party plates and decorations you stick on top of the cake are novelties of the past. The new challenge is coming up with a theme that not only your child will love, but one that you can easily execute.

Since boys and girls like different toys and activities, birthday party themes need to coincide with your child’s gender as well as age group. Personalized ornaments make great loot bag fillers and party favors that are fun keepsakes from the big day. Here are some ideas and personalized party ornament favors that you might like to use or share with friends who have young children.

Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Young boys like to be busy! Make sure when you execute birthday party themes for little boys, that you take into consideration his short attention span and have a lot of activities for his friends. Races or events that include physical activity are always a good choice.

Birthday Party ThemesPirate-ShipBlue-Fire-Breathing-DragonVelociraptor

Favorite birthday party themes for boys include:

  • Elmo
  • Angry Birds
  • Robots
  • Trucks
  • Pirates
  • Aliens
  • Superman
  • Dinosaurs
  • Dragons

Birthday Party Themes For Girls

Young girls love to play dress-up! When choosing birthday party themes for girls, make sure to think about the small details, because that is what her little guests will focus on. Any activities or events that revolve around arts and crafts such as making jewelry will be a hit. Little girls love getting personalized ornaments as party favor gifts that have their name on them!


Favorite birthday party themes for girls include:

  • Princess
  • Mermaids
  • Fairies
  • Hello Kitty
  • Sock Monkeys
  • Dora
  • Dress Up Tea Party
  • Zoo Animals
  • Sea Life

Best Goodie Bag Gifts For Birthday Party Themes

Personalized ornaments make the best goodie bag gifts no matter what birthday party themes you are considering. Instead of buying candy that will cause cavities or a bunch of plastic toys that will break seconds after opening, ornaments are lasting keepsakes that they can have forever. If you purchase 20 or more of the same ornament from, you can get them at a discounted rate even with a different name on each one!

It’s easy!  All you need is a clear candy bag and curling ribbon to match the color of the ornament for a goodie bag gift your child will be thrilled to give when his or her guests leave. And because each one can be personalized for a specific person, there is no need to even write a name on the bag!  Here is one we did for a Superman party with the name written in white paint on the cape.


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