Use these tips to keep up with crowds of Black Friday shoppers!

The hustle and bustle of Black Friday morning can be incredibly exhausting! There are great rewards for the real deal-goers while everyone else sleeps off their turkey dinners.

A cell phone ornament with painted features that can be personalized with text. |

On the other hand, many people won’t leave their homes to place orders. Crazy deals might be offered in-store, but only the crazy enough will go!

Shoppers these days use their phones and tablets to shop online, and even the biggest shopping day of the year might not be one to break a habit. There’s also Cyber Monday to think about, but I think that just maybe online shoppers will take the time to browse sales on both days instead of just choosing one. When you’re able to roll over and shop while barley opening your eyes, it’s an easy choice to stay in.

But enough with my predictions – is happy to offer all of our visitors free shipping when purchasing five or more ornaments! We hope you’ll find our free personalization service to be an especially sweet touch when thinking of special moments with your loved ones this year and how to choose the best present to represent the good times.

A bear ornament snuggled up for winter, wearing a blue coat and red and white hat and scarf. | OrnamentShop.comIf you’re still motivated to join the hustle and bustle, I’ve experienced my fair share of shopping on Black Fridays, too. Here are a few tips to make the most of your trip.

1. Dress expecting to be outside.

Wear your hats and gloves because most lines extend out the doors, especially if you plan to get there before opening.

2. Plan breakfast.

An ornament of a breakfast sandwich with Canadian bacon, egg and cheese. | OrnamentShop.comOnce you’re out, finding a place to sit down and eat will be tough. Breakfast sandwiches and fruit can hold you over until you come back home, so consider eating on your way and leaving snacks in the car.

3. Don’t get fatigued.

You should know when to take a break. You still have plenty of time before Christmas! Online shopping is always an option, and you might find a special gift you wouldn’t have found in-person.

Do you have any useful tips to make the most of Black Friday? Tell us in the comments below!

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