Do you anxiously anticipate the holiday season because you love Christmas Magic? If you can’t get enough of that feeling of wonder, excitement and joy that only the Christmas season can bring, we have the most delightful ornaments meant to inspire those emotions. These unbelievable laser cut wood ornaments each have a different scene inside for you to discover its hidden secrets!

These high quality ornaments bring Christmas magic to all those who peek inside their windows. Entirely made in the USA using laser engravers, each ornament is hand-assembled from start to finish in Virginia and is guaranteed to excite children and fascinate every member of your family.

Ginger Cottages - Christmas Magic

How Glenn Got His Christmas Magic Back

It all started with an artist who intricately carved nutcrackers as a hobby. Glenn wasn’t feeling much of the usual Christmas magic in his heart when the economy took a nosedive in 2008 and his hobby suddenly became his only source of income! Not one to sit on his laurels, this artist focused all of his energy on different woodworking and engraving techniques, hoping to find a new niche for his creations.


A customer fell in love with Glenn’s Gingerbread Baker nutcracker, but unable to afford the intricately carved wood decoration, she asked if she could just purchase the tiny, detailed, 3-dimensional gingerbread cottage perched on the baker’s tray. Finally inspired, Glenn’s imagination took off and the delightful ornaments were born. He got his Christmas magic back!

Discover The Christmas Magic Inside!

We are so pleased to bring you these finely crafted and detailed ornaments that will bring your family together as you try to discover all of the secrets that the ornaments hold. We guarantee you will find your own Christmas magic as you peer inside and unlock the secrets in the details!


Each of the ornaments has at least one small hole on the bottom in which you can insert a standard Christmas light from your tree. You can do this when you hang the ornament on your tree. Simply angle one of the bulbs inside and let the Christmas magic begin!


Upon lighting the ornament, you will immediately discover a scene inside of the ornament. But, this is only the beginning of your quest for Christmas magic. Each ornament in our collection of five (Christmas Chapel, Santa’s Workshop, Ginger Clock Tower, Santa’s Reindeer Barn and Elf Academy) has different scenes inside, designed to mystify and discover the joys of Christmas.


As you fall in love with our wonderful ornaments, here are some of the questions that you can answer as you discover your Christmas magic.

Christmas Chapel
  • Can you see Prince Charles and Lady Diana getting married?
  • Can you find the wedding bells?
  • A heart can be broken but once…can you find the single heart?
Santa’s Workshop
  • What day is it?
  • Can you find the Christmas lights?
  • What’s hidden in the sidewalk stones?
  • Can you find 4 snowflakes?
Ginger Clock Tower
  • What time is it?
  • Can you find three mice?
  • Can you find some cheese for the mice?
  • Where is the gingerbread man hiding?
  • Can you find the pair of chiming bells?
Santa’s Reindeer Barn
  • Rudolph is inside having a snack and learning a new song to sing. What song must every reindeer know?
  • Can you find all eleven gingerbread men?
  • Who is in the barn and where are the other eight?
Elf Academy
  • What time is it?
  • What is the homework assignment?
  • What favorite fruit can you find?
  • How many snowflakes do you see?

As a tradition, there is at least one gingerbread man on every ornament. However, occasionally there are more! Some of them are easy to find and readily apparent, but the ones that are a little more challenging to find can be the most fun to discover!


Give a gift this holiday season that will hopefully inspire some Christmas magic in the heart of someone you love. We guarantee you will adore these beautiful ornaments that are meant to be shared with friends and family. Collect them all and build a Christmas village worthy of the North Pole! Give one today and unlock the Christmas magic!