Christmas decor is all about family and tradition. When we browse for new annual decorations, we usually look for the best family ornaments. Ornaments are wonderful because they cover both holiday decorations and can be given as thoughtful gifts.

Each year, I always enjoy picking out the best family ornaments for all my loved ones. Mom ornaments and dad ornaments are such nice gifts to show them you all belong beside the Christmas tree together, and ornaments for kids are wonderful for showing little ones the magic of the holiday season.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, decorating with family and gifting for the new holiday season is underway! I’ve chosen some of my best family ornaments below to fit your choices for mom, dad, kids and the whole family.

Mom Ornaments

My favorite ornaments for mom are glass and represent something for her to cherish. Many of our hobby ornaments are made of polish glass with intricate details. Our Egyptian glass ornaments are also beautiful with gold etchings, and will stand out on her tree. If she takes pride in a skill such as gardening or cooking, ornaments recognizing her strengths will be warmly appreciated.

The perfect Christmas ornament for mom, gardening gloves to represent her hobby. |

The perfect Christmas ornament for mom, a blue glass sphere for the Christmas tree. |

The perfect Christmas ornament for mom, a key lime pie to represent her cooking hobby or sweet tooth. |

Dad Ornaments

Dad ornaments are so much fun to gift! Most dads have easy-going pastimes to celebrate, and he might enjoy a miniature ornament to represent his fondest memories. Ornaments for him can display his name personalized on a small motorcycle resembling his own, or you could personalize his favorite show or movie on a TV screen ornament to remember your favorite times hanging out on the couch together.

The perfect Christmas ornament for dad, a hot dog to represent his favorite food. | The perfect Christmas ornament for dad, a red motorcycle to represent his favorite hobby. | The perfect Christmas ornament for dad, a TV screen to represent his favorite pastimes on the couch. |


Family Ornaments

The best family ornaments are sure to include everyone in the celebration. Our ornaments can be personalized so that you leave the name of each and every member of your family. Some contain faces and allow you to change hair and skin options to fit your family perfectly.

You might also have a family pet that makes Christmas so much brighter. Be sure to remember you pet’s importance over the holidays with a keepsake and you’ll remember this year’s unique celebration for every year after.

The perfect ornament for a family, find family ornaments of three with mom, dad, child and a dog. |

The perfect ornament for a family, this golden dog represents the family pet for Christmas. |

Ornaments for Kids

Kids ornaments are very special because they mark another year of growth! When you look back on this year’s ornament for your kid you’ll realize how time has flown by but you’ll also have a keepsake to cherish those unique moments.

Ornaments for kids might represent their favorite superhero or might represent their favorite hobby. The best kids ornaments will uniquely fit their fondest memories of the year.

The perfect ornament for a child, preteen or teenager, this selfie ornament represents her memorable moments. |

The perfect Christmas ornament for a child, find superhero ornaments like Batman. | The perfect Christmas ornament for a child, find Disney ornaments including Elsa from Frozen. |

Have you picked ornaments for your family this year? Tell your favorite one in the comments below!

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