What’s the best kind of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters? Use these three points to judge your candy options!

Dressing up for Halloween can be so much fun. Every year it’s a joy to see what kinds of costumes will arrive at the door. The reason why kids love dressing up has to do with expressing creativity, but we all know there’s another motivation – the candy!

1. The type of candy.

A purple gummy bear Christmas ornament. | OrnamentShop.comWhen you arrive in the candy isle of your grocery store, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options. The first step is to narrow down your choices by the type of candy.

I recommend trying to stay away from chocolate only because it melts easily. Between you handing out the candy, parents checking the candy, and kids eating the candy, chocolate is the messiest. Either a gummy candy or hard candy will have the least amount of mess.

2. The brand of candy.

A box of Junior Mints Christmas ornament. | OrnamentShop.comWhen I was a child, there weren’t as many brands of candy to choose from. Now, there are several new brands every year when I shop for Halloween candy!

What I’ve noticed from kids that come to my door is that, of course, they’ll take the candy no matter what it is, but if it’s candy they recognize they’re even more excited. The candy I know best isn’t always the candy I know children will recognize.

3. The size of the candy treat.

An ornament of an elf holding a giant chocolate Hershey bar. | OrnamentShop.comWe all know kids want giant king-sized candy bars and full-sized bags of sweets. For houses that sit at the end of a cul-de-sac and at the top of a hill, this might be a reasonable option because there won’t be as many kids and you could want to provide a prize that’s worth the kids’ visits. It’s nice to be known as the house with the best candy, too!

If your house is like most others, you’ll want to pick up a bag of candy that has multiple small packs inside. In most cases, there are smaller versions of the best candies the kids are looking for, and when it comes towards the end of the night you could even hand out a few at the time!

What’s your favorite candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters? Tell us in the comments below!

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