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Christmas Around the World

How Australians Celebrate Christmas In The Land Down Under

How Australians Celebrate Christmas Featured Image

If right now, you’re wrapped in a warm blanket with a cold nose and shivering, you’ll want to know How Australians Celebrate Christmas!  Because the land down under is entirely situated below the equator, it is warm and balmy for the holiday season.  Kangaroos aren’t the only thing hopping in Australia that time of year.  […]

Christmas in Spain: Spectacular Customs and Deep Meaning in the Details

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As you might expect, Christmas in Spain is a spiritual celebration. After all, the country is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic and its patron saint is the Virgin Mary.  What you might not expect is that Christmas in Spain is marked by many traditions.  These unique events are ones that its people can claim as completely their […]

Christmas in the Netherlands: Where the Beloved Figure of Sinterklaas Looms Large

A sky view of a parade for Christmas in the Netherlands. |

No tour of holiday traditions around the world would be complete without making a stop to enjoy Christmas in the Netherlands.  Mention the Dutch and you probably think of windmills, tulips and the classic “clog” shoes that once were a fashion phenomena in the United States. But during Christmas in the Netherlands, a man named […]

Birthday Traditions Around The World: North America

Birthday Traditions Around The World: North America

Every day, millions of people celebrate their own birthday traditions around the world. Although some customs may be similar, each country and culture has its own way of celebrating that makes it special. How are you celebrating your birthday this year? If you live in the United States – as I do – your celebration […]