Make Christmas Crafts Using Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Looking for unique and fun Christmas Crafts to do with kids? We love to use our Personalized Christmas Ornaments to make Christmas decorations that make your home merry and bright. Or, if you want to host a homemade Christmas gift giving exchange or want to create your own holiday gifts, our personalized Christmas ornaments can be incorporated into all of your Christmas crafts as the perfect accompaniment. They certainly make unique and meaningful presents under the tree!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments Create Adorable Christmas Crafts

Want to make a statement in your entryway or do you need festive Christmas crafts to adorn the doors in your home? Here we show you how to use personalized Christmas ornaments to make the most adorable Christmas decorations. It’s easy and fun for the whole family!

Wall Hanging Christmas Crafts Supplies:

  • Adorable personalized Christmas ornament from
  • Wood plaque (buy an already decorated one at a craft store, or paint your own!)
  • Snowballs (Styrofoam balls)
  • Glittered snow (flakes)
  • Snowflake garland
  • Miniature light bulb ornaments
  • Glue
  • Black Sharpie or paint pen

personalized christmas ornaments christmas crafts supplies

Step 1: Cover the back of the ornament with glue and place on the wood plaque. Let it dry.


Note: You will want to plan our your placement ahead of time to avoid moving the personalized Christmas ornaments and getting glue all over. In this example, I want to show the family sledding in the snow, so I placed the ornament in the center to leave enough room for the snow. I also wanted to leave room at the top for additional personalization on the Christmas crafts plaque.


Step 2: Cover the plaque area with glue. Make sure to be generous and thorough with the glue to make sure that all of your snow sticks.


Step 3: Pour the snowballs over the glue. It is OK if there are extra snowballs, because whatever doesn’t stick to the glue will easily shake off when dry.


Step 4: Fill in the areas of glue that aren’t covered with snowballs by pouring the glittered snowflakes over the snowballs. They flakes should fill all of the “holes” left. Again, don’t worry about excess as it can easily be tapped off after the glue is dry.


Step 5: Dot the sky with drops of glue to make it look like it is snowing and pour more glittered snowflakes over them.


Step 6: Tie the miniature light bulb ornaments to the strand of snowflakes garland in the length that you want them to hang. Trim the ends off of the knots. Then glue the garland to the edges of the plaque and trim the ends. Let the plaque dry overnight.


After the glue is dry, tap off the loose snowballs and snowflakes. Now all you need to do to make the most fun Christmas crafts using personalized Christmas ornaments is to use the black marker to personalize the plaque with a fun holiday saying or greeting. Making Christmas crafts is fun for the whole family and personalized Christmas ornaments are not only craft-worthy Christmas decorations, but are great gifts for everyone on your shopping list!


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