In our prior blog post we discussed Christmas decorations to make your entrance enchanting and your foyer festive.  This part will provide you with easy, inexpensive ideas to decorate your tables and walls to the extreme.

Christmas Decorations for Family & Living Room

On the walls in the foyer, family & living room, I have many Christmas decorations I have purchased at local arts and craft fairs.  There are several wooden holiday signs, a Santa that moves, snowmen, elves, angels, and large wooden ornaments strung together to hang from the wall.  I also hang items that were made out of cloth which are easily hung using only a thumbtack.  These include reindeer, candy canes, candles, poinsettia, gingerbread men, giant stockings, and a bag of toys.  If you can use a coping saw and sander, or can sew, you can duplicate many of the items inexpensively that I have bought at craft fairs.  Or, take a look at our Red Hat Snowman Wood Plaque.  It’s a perfect Christmas Decoration for your family room or living room.

Christmas Decoration - Snowman Plaque

Check out this wall plaque on

I suspend a few extra large ornaments from the ceiling in various rooms using ribbon or glitter pipe cleaners, and smaller ornaments from a light in the kitchen.  A wooden light with wood crossbars works well to hang normal size ornaments.  Attach a thin ribbon (1/2” or less in width) through the ornament hanger, tie the ribbon at the other end and tuck under the wood crossbars.  I vary the length of the ribbon and colors of the ornaments but usually use solid colored glass ball ornaments for this purpose.  Keep the length of the ribbon short enough so the ornaments don’t touch people’s heads.  It is amazing how great this looks yet it is so simple to create.

One of the more creative, yet simple Christmas decorations concept includes taking any festive bowl, including clear glass, and arranging a group of different ornaments in a bowl.  I turn the ornaments so the top hooks face inward so no one can see it.  You can set the ornaments on shiny colored decorative grass (craft store), holiday tissue paper or with nothing underneath.

Other favorite ideas I use:

  • Cover pictures on walls with beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon.
  • Place assorted Christmas pillows with cute sayings on them along with stuffed holiday characters from Santa to the Grinch.
  • Drape lighted garland across the fireplace mantel with little holiday knick knacks in front.
  • Hang Christmas stockings from the fireplace mantel.
  • Cover tables in hand-made quilted runners.
  • Fill Christmas embossed bowls and dishes on each table with chocolates and nuts.
  • Add festive rugs and wooden holiday characters that stand in the corner in any room.
  • Use yarn, ribbon or colored thin rope to hang your Christmas cards on the walls.
  • Hang wood or cloth holiday characters on your walls.
  • Do something different with decorating your Christmas tree this year – make it a “themed” tree and decorate it all in one color or one type of ornament, such as music, sports, dogs, etc.
  • Fill baskets with candy canes, ornaments or scented pine cones wrapping a ribbon around the container.

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Read our recent blog for ideas to deck out your entrance way and foyer.  In the next blog you will find decorating concepts for the bathroom, dining room & kitchen.

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