Hanging wreath Christmas decorations

Thanksgiving is almost here and soon after I will be decorating my house for Christmas.  There are many artistic and unique ideas where you can use wreaths for Christmas decorations.  I’d like to share one of my favorite ideas for decorating for the holidays using wreaths.  They also make great projects to do with your children.

Hanging Wreaths Make Beautiful Christmas Decorations


For each wreath you want to make, buy 1 – 12” diameter wreath, 6 feet of 2” wide solid or print holiday ribbon, green plant wire (need wire cutter) or decorative pipe cleaner and 1 – 9” colorful Holiday paper plate. If you have children, you could have them color white paper plates with a holiday theme.


  1. Using a single hole puncher or craft hole cutter, make a hole in the paper plate about 1” from the top of the design.  Insert the plant wire or pipe cleaner through the hole and secure to the wreath.
  2. After cutting 6 feet of the ribbon, fold in half and wrap the middle of the ribbon around the top of the wreath and tie once.
  3. Hang the wreath from a window latch, railing or other secure means such as a nail.  Extra ribbon can either hang down or be curled using scissors.
  4. Repeat for the quantity desired except vary the hanging height of each wreath by reducing the ribbon length.


  • You can obtain artificial wreaths in many sizes from craft stores.  I recommend using artificial wreaths, rather than fresh ones so you can keep your wreath and use over again.
  • Using different colored holiday paper plates, whether homemade or store bought provides a colorful, decorative display.
  • The wreaths look good in front of windows, but can be hung from anywhere.
  • Smaller wreaths will also work – just use smaller plates.
  • Ornaments or other little Christmas decorations can be hung inside the wreath instead of the plate.

Coordinate your ribbon with the plate colors.  Solid red, green, or print ribbon goes well with Christmas plates; blue ribbon looks good with Hanukah plates.

If you are looking for a wreath that is pre-light with beautiful red berries and pine cones, view our wreath here.

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