We recently provided you with an idea on how to use smaller, hanging wreaths as Christmas decorations.  Today we are giving you ways to decorate a larger wreath to show off your creativity and have some fun at the same time.



Making Large Wreaths as Christmas Decorations

One large artificial wreath of any size, or smaller ones for children, light weight non-breakable ornaments and holiday decorations, holiday ribbon, plant wire or decorative pipe cleaners.  Keep the ornaments and ribbon size in proportion with the size of the wreath being used.  Picture courtesy of Good Housekeeping.


  1. You have several choices for using the ribbon.  You can tie 1 large or several small bows and attach to the wreath using the plant wire or pipe cleaners.  You may also wrap the ribbon at an angle around the wreath, leaving some green wreath between the ribbon.
  2. Cut the plant wire long enough to go around the wreath plus an inch or two and secure an ornament or other holiday decoration every couple of inches.  Alternate placement of the decorations so they are not in a line around the wreath.  You can use a glue gun but wire secures the decorations more securely to the wreath and you don’t have to worry about burning yourself.  However, if you are attaching breakable ornaments, you may want to use super glue or a glue gun to secure the ornament cap to the ornament.
  3. Add smaller items such as bells, flowers, and other holiday decor in between the ornaments or decorative items to fill in the spaces.  I have seen some wreaths totally covered and others where the green of the wreath shows through and either way they look beautiful.
  4. Use a wreath hanger to hang from your front door or from a staircase railing.


  • This is a great way to refresh or salvage outdated wreaths that you may already own.  Carefully remove the unwanted decorations and prepare to create your masterpiece!
  • Craft stores sell floral picks, which have a small artificial decoration on one end and a green stem on the other end.  They come in a variety of styles and colors and work well for inserting into Styrofoam, planters, and wreaths.
  • Choose colors that coordinate together or to match a room’s color scheme.
  • Themed wreaths are very popular yet unique Christmas decorations. Decorate your wreath all in angels, fruits and berries, poinsettias, musical instruments, flowers, ornaments, Santas, or any hobby.  There is no limit to what can be used to create a personalized wreath!
  • Be sure that the depth of your wreath doesn’t exceed the distance between your door and storm door.

To purchase a pre-light wreath with pine cones and beautiful red berries, go to our sister site, Christmas Ornaments.com.

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