Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks

Do you want your gifts to look perfectly presentable under the Christmas tree this year? Follow these simple Christmas gift wrapping tips to give family and friends unique gift packages this holiday season.

Getting a perfectly wrapped Christmas present is a gift in itself! Beautifully wrapped gifts make a great first impression and look lovely as they lay under the glistening lights of a Christmas tree. However, wrapping gifts in general can be very difficult, but once you establish the right technique, it becomes quick and easy!

To me, the way a present is wrapped is just as important as what’s inside. As I always say, “a well-wrapped gift is like two presents in one. Just like an unfolding story, it’s an experience that’s meant to be enjoyed throughout the entire gift giving experience.” There’s just something about waking up and seeing those beautifully packaged gifts nestled underneath the tree that truly adds a special feeling to the Christmas season.

The world is split up into two categories: those who wrap their Christmas gifts early, and those who wait until Christmas Eve to get all their gift wrapping done in a panicked frenzy. Whether you’re the plan-ahead type or a procrastinator, this list of gift wrapping tips is sure to help you get the job done quickly and painlessly. They’ll have you wrapping Christmas presents like a pro in no time!

Wrap Gifts On A Hard Surface

Wrap Gifts On A Hard Surface |
To avoid tearing your wrapping paper, be sure to wrap your presents on a hard surface like a counter top or table. This will also keep everything crisply folded to help avoid wrinkles in the wrapping paper. Working on a softer surface makes it much harder to control the paper, which often leads to tearing and frustration.

Cut The Wrapping Paper To Fit The Gift

Cut The Wrapping Paper To Fit The Gift |
This might be one of the most common gift wrapping mistakes. Try to cut just enough wrapping paper, as to not leave much excess. However, if you do have excess, instead of taping and folding it back, neatly cut it off with your scissors to avoid an unsightly and wrinkled gift.

Wrap Gifts Upside Down

Wrap Gifts Upside Down |

Image credit: Thompson

Although this seems obvious, even the most experienced gift wrappers forget this crucial step from time-to-time. Be sure to place the gift face down so that the wrapping paper overlaps underneath the gift.

We naturally assume when opening a gift that the side with the name tag or bow is also the top of the gift. Many children will tear open their present from the top, assuming they will immediately see the top of their gift. However, if you forgot to wrap the present upside down, they will open their gift only to see the bottom of the box.

Keep Post-It Notes Handy

Keep Post-It Notes Handy |

Image credit: S K

If you’re like me, you love to wrap all your presents first before putting on the name tags. Of course, the trouble with this method comes when you have two gifts of equal size meant for two separate people.

Which gift goes to who?

I found that writing the names of the gift recipients on Post-It notes before wrapping the gift helps keep track of which present goes to which person. It only takes a second, and it truly does make it easier when you go back to add the name tags.

Do you have any Christmas gift wrapping tips that work best for you? Do you know of any special gift wrapping techniques that work better than others? Tell us about them in the comments below, or share them with us on our Facebook page @OrnamentShop!

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