DIY Star Ornaments with Wire and Glitter

With all of the sales going on, why not take a break from shopping and make some miniature Star Ornaments?  They are fun and look pretty on display hanging anywhere for many different holidays!

These star ornaments don’t have to be miniature.  If you like to think big, you can make these in any size you wish.  All you will need is the proper sized piece of wood.

In fact, these star ornaments are perfect decorations to attach lights to and hang in your backyard to make a barbeque more festive.  Simply wind fairy lights through the open spaces, and you’ll have dazzling stars to set the mood. You can even change the color of your glitter to match any theme for where you’d like to place it!

A red and green DIY star ornament hangs on miniature trees |

Star Ornaments Are A Fun Christmas In July Activity

Because star ornaments are such a versatile shape, they can be used for anything.  Because we were thinking about Christmas in July, we made red and green stars, but you can make red, white and blue star ornaments for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Or, make star ornaments in school colors for a graduation party!


  • Star cookie cutter
  • Block of wood
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Wire
  • Spray adhesive
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon or cord for hanging

Supplies to make star ornaments, including wire and glitter |

Step 1:  Place the star cookie cutter on the block of wood and loosely hammer a nail into each corner.

Step 1 is to place a cookie cutter on a block of wood, and hammer nails into each point |

Step 2:  Carefully remove the cookie cutter (you may have to loosen a nail to get it out) and tap the nails securely into the wood so that they don’t move, but are raised up from the wood.

Step 2 is to remove the cookie cutter and leave the nails as a guide |

Step 3: Using the wire, tightly follow the outline of the star, criss-crossing through the middle of the star, wrapping a loop around each nail.  Do this at least 6 or 7 times.  Leave an end on the wire to make the loop at the top for hanging.

Step 3 is to tightly wind the wired around each point 6-7 times |

Step 4: Gently remove the nails from the wood board and slide the star off.  Cut small pieces of the wire, thread through all of the loops of one point of the star and twist to secure them together.  Do the same for the remaining points of the star ornaments and make a loop at the top for hanging.  Using the scissors, cut the ends of the wires off and tuck in the twisted ends.

Step 4 is to remove the nails and slide the star off. Cut and twist the wire ends into the star |

Step 5: Christmas in July is nearly here, so it is time to decorate!  Using the spray adhesive, hold the star ornaments at the hook and generously spray the entire star front and back with glue, then shake glitter all over them.  You will want to use a paper towel over the surface you are working on to protect your surface from the adhesive.

Step 5 is to use spray adhesive to coat the stars, then shake glitter all over them |

Step 6:  Tie a ribbon or cord to the top, shake any excess glitter off and let them dry.

Step 6 si to tied ribbon to the top so that it hangs |

That’s it!  Now you have pretty star ornaments that can brighten up any day.  It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas in July.  These glittered star ornaments are perfect package toppers or decorate an entire Christmas tree with them in all colors of the rainbow.  All you need is the right color glitter and an imagination.

A red and green DIY star ornament side by side on a counter |

Do you like the idea of metal star ornaments but have trouble wielding a hammer?  Then check out our collection of Metal Star Ornaments from Germany.  You will find unique three-dimensional star ornaments.  Get yours now while they last during Christmas in July!

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