Most of us love trivia and Christmas songs, so we decided to see how well you know your facts.  You can find the answers below, but don’t peak!   

  1. What is the biggest selling Christmas song of all time?  
  2. How many versions of this song (answer to #1) are there?
  3. How many carolers participated in the largest caroling ever done?
  4. During Radio City’s Music Hall performance in NY each year, how many costumes are used in each performance?
  5. How many times does Santa check his list in Santa Claus is Coming to Town?
  6. What was the name of the horse in Jingle Bells?
  7. What song included the words “I’d take the seasick crocodile”?
  8. What was the original title of Jingle Bells?
  9. What is the name of the song that Nat King Cole recorded about chestnuts roasting over an open fire?
  10. What Christmas song turned out to be the biggest hit of Eartha Kitt’s career?

To find out about how other Christmas songs came to be written, read our article “A Lot of Musical Trivia”.

Answers:  1) White Christmas by Irving Berlin 2) More than 500 3) 1175 carollers in 2003 in Ontario, Canada 4) Over 1300 5) Twice 6) Bob 7) You’re a Mean One Mister Grinch 8) One Horse Open Sleigh 9) The Christmas Song 10) Santa Baby

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